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009_210409_Ile Sainte Marguerite Fashion

It’s a pop up! With summer heating up and the pandemic winding down, ISM is excited to announce the opening of our very first showroom! We’re popping up for a limited time in Windward Circle, right at the heart of Venice Beach.


You’ll be able to try on and purchase styles from our debut collection, Ile de France, while taking in the ambient sights and sounds of a mid-century American sew house meets Victorian parlor. As an added bonus, visitors will receive 10% off their entire showroom order.

002_210409_Ile Sainte Marguerite Fashion
003_210409_Ile Sainte Marguerite Fashion
006_210409_Ile Sainte Marguerite Fashion
001_210409_Ile Sainte Marguerite Fashion
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