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ISM Featured in Shoutout LA

We're proud to share that our founder, Brennan, was featured in Shoutout LA, a Los Angeles based publication from the Voyage Group of Magazines. Shoutout LA asks contributors and interviewees questions designed to spark meaningful conversations at the heart of community building, a passion also shared by us here at ISM.

Read the full interview below to learn about the origins of ISM Fashion House, the challenges and transitions that brought us to where we are on this journey, and our vision for the brand and community we’re building.

“My goal for ISM is that the pieces I create might ultimately inspire those who wear them to embrace their unique identities. I’ve always felt that eyewear, more than any other accessory, represents an opportunity for the wearer to make a statement to the world around them. For me, it carries a unique ability to connect us to those we encounter that is unlike any other form of expression. I’ve got so much more in store, so I hope you stay tuned and thanks for being here.” —Brennan Lawson

We had a great time participating at the Artists & Fleas pop-up market in Venice on Labor Day Weekend. We will definitely be back! Stay tuned for future dates, and we’ll keep you posted.

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