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Ile Sainte Marguerite Fashion House

With a devotion to bringing timeless artistic elements to a contemporary audience, we introduce our debut eyewear collection...

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Ile de France

Ile de France skillfully balances the subversive confidence of western street style with the Marie Antoinette-era court aesthetic that is credited with turning eyewear into a fashion accessory for the first time.

Each piece is crafted to inspire a sense of unique identity by fine-tuning classic eyewear stylings to modern tastes. 


Defined by its minimal, modular, and vintage influences, the Ile de France Collection thrives at the intersection of function and fashion.

The Versailles Hinge

Folded 2.jpg

Featured throughout the Ile de France Collection, the Versailles Hinge channels the hinged lorgnettes warn by those attending court at the Château de Versailles. 

The Cable Temple (mouse-tail

MSM 1.jpg

One of the original eyeglass innovations to directly address functionality, the cable temple provides a customizable fit that is not possible with fixed temples.

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